Frequently Ask Questions

                                                                      is one of the biggest deal sites in Canada. There is a lot to take in, a lot to process. We’re doing our best to answer your questions on the way the site works, the way our deals work, and more, and you can find all of our frequently asked questions and responses below.


If you have something else you would like to add, just send us a message using our Contact Us page.


What is ReadyDealsNow?


We are an aggregator of deals and coupons, provided by the biggest retailers in Canada. We bring our customers the most sought-after products from the most in-demand retailers in Canada.


Do ReadyDealsNow Process Orders?


ReadyDealsNow is an aggregator only and does not process orders of any kind. We simply find the best deals and then show them to you, the reader. Once you click on these deals then you will be directed to the website offering them. They will be the ones processing your payment, not us. To learn more about this process, take a look at our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.


How do I Use the Coupons?


Most of the coupons we stock are promo codes to be used online online. You just need to click the link and follow the instructions on the page. When you place your order you may be asked to add a coupon code. If this is not already added then you just need to type in the code as it appears on our offer.


Why Doesnt my Coupon Work?


If you’re using it properly, based on the instructions above, then it may simply be that the code has expired. We monitor codes every single day, but they are constantly expiring or becoming invalidated and there is a brief period of time in which a deal becomes invalid and has yet to be removed from our website. If you try to use it in this time then you may discover that it does not work for you.


Can I Stack Coupons?


Some sites will allow it, others will not. It depends entirely on the company providing the code and, unfortunately, it is out of our hands. We try to advise on coupon stacking where possible, but the rules change on a product-by-product and site-by-site basis, so it is hard for us to keep track.


Can You Stock Coupons from my Favourite Store?


We get a lot of requests to stock coupons from specific stores. Just rest assure that we are always working hard to grow this site and to add new coupons from new retailers. The process involved in adding coupons can be difficult and there are a few stages we need to go through, so we are unable to honour such requests.


Why Are Coupons/Prices Different Than they Appear on your Site?


Retailers are always changing their prices and their coupons. We try to keep track as best we can, but there are some changes made before we catch them while others simply slip through the net. As a result, some of the prices listed on our site may be different to the ones on the retail site.


Will You Add my Site to your Database?


If you have a site that offers exclusive coupons with big price drops then you are welcome to get in touch with us using our Contact Us page. We can’t make any promises, but we will review the site, the coupons and the process by which these need to be added.


Can Your Coupons be Used Outside of Canada?


Our site was created for Canadian coupon seekers and the coupons we list are all geared towards Canadian retailers and Canadian subsidiaries of global retailers. However, some of these may be relevant to buyers in the United States and there are also Canadian retailers that will ship to buyers around the world.


I Want to Cancel an Order/Return an Item


ReadyDealsNow are not responsible for orders. We don’t process them, we don’t take payments and we don’t ship anything. We just list the deals. If you have an issue with your item, you will need to contact the retailer that took your order.



How Do I Search for Deals?


You can browse the site using the following methods:


By Deal: You can use our search bar in the top right to search for specific deals relating to retailers you like or products you want to buy. You can also look at our Featured Deals on the homepage.


By Merchant: Use the search bar drop-down menu to select “Merchant” in order to search through our hundreds of company profiles. We have merchant pages for all major Canadian retailers and when you search for specific retailers you will be taken to these individual merchant pages where you can find every available deal. To stay updated, make sure you bookmark the pages of your favourite brands.


By Category: If you’re not looking for any specific product or retailer, use our “Categories” dropdown on the top menu to search through specific product categories.


View List: You can see a full list of all retailers we have coupons for by clicking on “Stores & Brands”. You can also search these by scrolling to the bottom of our website where you will find a hyperlinked alphabet, with each letter triggering a popup that shows a list of retailers beginning with that letter.


What is the Number Next to the Coupon?


All coupons on ReadyDealsNow come with a number from 1 to 25. This number is used to highlight how good the deal is. It’s basically a rating system, one that is updated daily by our deal checkers. The bigger the number, the better the deal. So keep an eye out for those 25 numbered deals, because they are the rare bargains that you won’t see very often and need to snap up when they are available.


How Do I Navigate the Site?


We created the site to be as user friendly and as easy to navigate as possible, but there is a lot to take in, with hundreds of deals being posted every day, and it can be overwhelming if you’re new to deal sites. To get a better idea of how to use the site, pay a visit to our How it Works section where you will find some basic navigation instructions.


Do I Need to Register?


You do not need to register in order to use our site. We’re not one of those annoying deal sites that will pepper your screen with popups asking you to join every time you try and view a deal. However, there are benefits to registering, and by doing so you will gain access to more deals and will also receive word of the best deals as and when they appear.


How Do I Create my Profile?


Once you have registered you will be asked to change a few basic pieces of information, all of which will help us to send you the deals that you want:


Deal Categories: Choose the categories that you want to see the most. These are the ones that we will send you when they become available.


Favourite Stores: By selecting your preferred shopping destinations we can send you the best deals from these retailers when they appear, ensuring you don’t miss out.


By agreeing to receive emails from us you are giving us permission to send you daily updates covering deals that are relevant to your preferences.


Whats in the Blog?


Our blog is full to the brim with tips on how best to use coupons, how to save money on specific things, how to sell your goods, and more. If it is relevant to our readers then you can find it here. Just click on the “Blog” section to be taken to the many articles we have written on the subject of saving money.


We also have many other guides on the subject of saving money and these can also be found in our main menu.