Walmart Canada Coupons and Promo Codes (Huge Savings for 2018)

Walmart Coupons

Walmart Canada coupons and promo codes are the best ways to save big at and you can find your fair share of those by checking out our Walmart coupons page. But there are other ways to save big at North America’s biggest retailer, so keep reading for these money saving tips.

Easy Ways to Save at Walmart Canada

Walmart Promo Codes

Coupons will no doubt save you the most at Walmart here in Canada, but you can also try your hand at the following:

  • Price Match: The Walmart price match means that if you find anything cheaper anywhere else they will drop the price. This policy is different from store to store, but if they have it in your local Walmart Canada store then be sure to take advantage of it. Just take an ad showing the cheaper price to the cashier and they will make sure you get a better deal.
  • Buy Past Best Before: If you’re happy to buy bread that is a little stale then you can save a lot of money at Goods are often freshly baked and prepared in the morning and if they are still there in the evening they are a lot cheaper. Visit on an evening or the next morning to get these for next to nothing.
  • Check Clearance: There are clearance items available every day of the week at Walmart. They are constantly reducing prices on items that are overstocked or about to expire and all of these are placed at the end of the aisle, making sure you walk past all of the full-price merchandise first. So keep your head down as you walk past and make a beeline for the cheap stuff.
  • Get in Early: Walmart Canada is huge, attracting millions of customers a day. As a result, the best deals are gone early. To take advantage of them you need to get in early. Visit the store regularly, talk to the staff and watch the clearance shelves to find out when these items are placed there and when the deals begin, and then make sure you arrive on the dot during future visits.


Other Ways to Save at Walmart Canada

If you shop online at Walmart Canada but pickup in store then you may be able to save more money. Not only can you use promo codes that you find online (in our dedicated page, linked at the top of this article) but the prices also tend to be cheaper online as they are not adversely affected by local rates or regional price fluctuations.

You should also download the Walmart app. This will let you make a shopping list, check what’s available in your local store, and make savings where applicable. You can also use Walmart Canada coupons on this shopping list to further reduce the prices and make sure you walk away with a sizeable bargain.

If you take advantage of the Savings Catcher on the Walmart app then you also scan the receipt, enter the number on it and then get credit if the app is able to find cheaper prices at competing retailers.