Valentine’s Day Deals, Coupons and Codes in Canada (2018 DEALS)

Valentines Day Deals

The detractors were right: Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday. But so what? A lot of the things we love are manufactured to make money (music, cinema, sports) and what’s the harm in letting it happen if we get something out of it? It’s a day to celebrate the love you have for your partner. And if you don’t have one then it’s a day in which you know you can go to the club and not discover that every man or woman you hit on is in a relationship. We can all get something out of this day, including a host of great deals.

But only if you know where to look.

The Best Valentine’s Day Deals in Canada

There are very few shops, if any, that have Valentine’s Day deals. There are Valentine’s Day coupons from some Canadian retailers, but don’t expect anything like this on the day itself. All retailers look to increase their prices and squeeze as much profit out as they can on the 14th, before letting excess stock go on the 15th.

If you want to make big savings on flowers, chocolates and other gifts, drop by on the 15th and see what’s available. If your partner has a birthday in late March or early April, this is the perfect time to buy their presents.

Tips for Saving Money on Valentine’s Day

Saving money on Valentine’s Day is all about timing. You need to make sure that you buy presents early, as that way you will have more choice (many companies increase their stock of flowers and gifts just for Valentine’s Day and sell out quickly). And if possible you need to shift your dinner date to a day other than Valentine’s Day.

You can simply book early, of course, but while that will give you a better chance of securing a booking for the big day, it will still result in you paying over the odds for your meal. All restaurants hike the prices up on this romantic holiday because they know customers will pay it. But while Valentine’s Day is busier than a normal day, the days that precede and proceed it are quieter than normal, so they reduce the prices on these days in order to attract more customers.

This is when you should be making arrangements. If your partner is a traditionalist then it might be hard to convince them, but just promise them a bigger, better night and they should be okay. It’s better to arrange a date like this just before Valentine’s Day, especially if the big day falls on a Saturday. That way you can promise to wine and dine them on the Friday and then spend the Saturday eating takeout and watching films.

Things to Avoid on Valentine’s Day

There are a few rules that you must not break when it comes to this holy day of affection. If you do then you could find yourself seriously out of pocket:

  • Don’t Book Late: Not only will you struggle to find a table, but if you do you’ll pay way over the odds for it.
  • Don’t Buy Late: A last minute trip to buy flowers will cost more and get you less.
  • Avoid Roses: Ask your partner what her favourite flowers are, there’s a good chance they are not red roses. These flowers cost more on Valentine’s Day and most of them are already dead or dying by the 14th.
  • Don’t be Traditional: A movie and dinner is too traditional. Try something different. It might save you a few dollars and it will add some excitement and spontaneity to your relationship.