Save Big with Spring Break Deals: Up to 50% Off Travel in 2018

Spring Break Deals

Spring Break savings are all about travel. This is an exciting time of year for students across the country as they look forward to some hard-earned time off from their respective colleges. It’s a time filled with fun, experimentation, and plenty of alcohol. To make sure you have the best Spring Break possible take a look at this Spring Break deals guide for Canadians.

Cheap Travel for Spring Break in Canada

If you want to save money on Spring Break travel then you need to book early. Leave it late and you could be paying anywhere from 50% to 100% more than the going rate. Get in early and you can save as much as 50% on the usual cost. This applies to hotel rooms, inns and resorts, so it doesn’t matter where you want to go or what you want to do, just book early.

By booking in the summer for the following spring, it’s possible to get return flights to sun-scorched destinations in Cuba, Panama and across all of South America for less than $50. If you book a resort at the same time you can save even more. If you do, make sure that the resort includes free food and drink.

You will likely need to pay for your flight straightaway, but most hotels and resorts will not take your money until you arrive and they will allow you to cancel for a 100% refund just a few weeks prior to the vacation. With that sort of hospitality, you really can’t afford not to take advantage.

Other Spring Break Travel Deals

Spring Break is a North American thing. Europeans also get time off during the spring, but they haven’t made an entire holiday out of it and there are no resorts geared up to cater for it. As a result, it’s often cheaper to book a good hotel in Europe than it is in North America. Just make sure you don’t do it too near Easter in countries like Greece and Italy. They are very big on the Easter holiday over there and the rates go sky high during this time.

England, Netherlands, Germany—all of these Northern European countries are great destinations for Spring Breakers. If you book early, get yourself a hostel and travel light, you can enjoy an entire 1 week break for less than $200! You’ll get to see the world and you’ll have better stories to tell your friends.

Book with Friends

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a trick that countless Spring Breakers miss out on. They book by themselves, they rely on their parents to book for them or they just leave it late and miss out entirely. But if you book as a group and make sure you do it early then you can save a small fortune on hotels and resorts.

The same goes for entertainment, drink, food—everything. If it can be booked early and you can get a discount by ordering in a group, go for it! You will want to spend time with your friends anyway, so you might as well book together.