New Balance Canada Coupons and Deals (20% TO 50% OFF IN 2018!)

New Balance is one of the biggest names in footwear right now, a brand that everyone wants and one that is affordable enough for everyone to buy. It’s rare that those two worlds meet, and one of the best things about this footwear brand is that they regularly offer coupons and codes, bringing those affordable prices down even further.

To see a full list of the latest New Balance Canada coupons and promo codes, just click the hyperlink. We have updated codes that are guaranteed to work on the latest range of New Balance gear. For tips on how to save even more money, keep reading.

New Balance Canada Coupons and Codes

There aren’t a great deal of New Balance Canada coupons out there. They do exist though and you can usually find them online, in promotional pamphlets, and in newspapers announcing sales or store openings. You can check with our New Balance Canada coupons link above to find the latest of these and to learn more about how to use them.

It’s also very important to price check with brands like this. Just because one retailer is offering a “20% off” coupon on a brand new pair of shoes doesn’t mean they have the cheapest price by 20%. They may have started at a higher price point, another retailer might have a bigger offer or it might be last season’s stock, which is being sold for up to half-price everywhere else.

If you find a pair of shoes that you like, discount or not, just copy the name, paste it into Google and see what comes up. You can then take a look at our merchant page for any available coupons to see if these can be used to reduce the lowest price you find.

How to Get Cheap New Balance Shoes in Canada

New Balance is a brand that relies on retailers to shift its product. This means that there are New Balance retailers out there who are sitting on piles of unwanted stock, returned stock, damaged stock and last season’s stock. If they were being sold direct from manufacturer to customer then all of this stock might just be thrown away or given to charities, but because those retailers paid a premium for them, they will do their best to sell every last pair.

If you do your research and pay close attention to clearance sales and returns then you can get the perfect pair of NB sneakers for a fraction of the retail cost. You’re not getting any less shoe for your money because even the returned stock is usually in mint condition. In most cases they are sent back by customers who tried them on and realized they were not a good fit.

You can also look for “nearly new” shoes on eBay and Amazon marketplace. If they are being sold in this condition by large retailers or intendant shoe stores then there’s a good chance that they are returns that have only been tried on, as opposed to actual used shoes that have been worn extensively.