LEGO Canada Coupons, Deals and Codes: 50% Off (Updated for 2018)

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LEGO is one of the biggest brands in the world. It is the most popular toy by far and it seems to have grown year on year since it first exploded in North America. You can’t get much bigger than LEGO, which is why our LEGO promo codes and coupons page is one of the most popular on this site.

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How to Get Cheap LEGO

LEGO Promo Codes
The 2010s should have been a great decade for LEGO. It was the decade that LEGO ruled the Box Office, the decade in which they launched great video games and apps and one where they seemed to be on TV every other day. You couldn’t escape them. However, despite this growth they still struggled.

It seems that the next generation just isn’t interested in LEGO, even though the previous generations are as crazy about it as ever. If you’re a big fan yourself then you can use this to your advantage. Loads of parents are buying LEGO for their kids, only for those kids to snub it in favour of video games and iPads.

These LEGO sets are often untouched and they end up on eBay, Amazon Marketplace and in garage sales. The absolute best time for them is just after Xmas. You want to wait a few weeks before realization dawns on the parents that their kids just aren’t interested, at which point they will be put up for sale for hugely discounted prices. They will be listed as “used”, but in most cases they are like new.

If you are paying attention and know your stuff you can also find valuable sets of LEGO in charity shops, auctions and garage sales. The sellers don’t know that they have something rare and valuable, dismissing it as just an old toy. But there are collectors out there willing to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for these “old toys”.

The Best LEGO Sets to Buy

Not all LEGO sets are going to be valuable in years to come. It’s all about production numbers, supply and demand. The more that there is of something, the less valuable that something will be. This can be tricky with LEGO because they make so many sets every single year. In fact, LEGO are officially the biggest manufacturer of tires in the world because their toy tires are made in numbers that far exceed the output by Goodyear, Bridgestone and others.

To get a set that will hold its value or be worth a lot more money in the future, you need one that was produced in limited numbers. These sets tend to cost more money to begin with and they are also bigger, grander and more complex than anything else. If you can get something based on a film, series or theme that later becomes a huge hit then it will be worth even more money. After all, one of the most valuable LEGO sets of all time is the original Millennium Falcon set, with modern day remakes of this classic set still selling for upwards of $1,000.