GAP Canada Coupons and Codes (40% OFF Codes Updated for 2018)

GAP Canada Coupons

GAP is one of the trendiest clothing brands in North America, great for all ages and all seasons. On this page we will tell you how to make some big savings on every day shopping at GAP Canada, but if you want to find the best GAP promo codes and coupons then checkout the hyperlink for daily (and sometimes hourly!) updates.

You will never find an invalid or expired coupon with ReadyDealsNow and that’s a promise.

How to Save Money at GAP Canada

GAP Canada coupons are great for all occasions, but there are other ways to save money at this retailer. These can be used in lieu of coupons and in some cases you can use them alongside GAP Canada coupons.

  • Understand the Sales: GAP Canada loves 40% offers and they have discounts of up to 40% every 6 to 8 weeks. If they don’t have one right now, hold tight, keep an eye on their promotional materials and your patience will be rewarded.
  • Price Match: GAP will price match on like-for-like items, so do your research before you shop. If you find an online promotion for an in-store item, then tell them about it and they’ll reduce the price. If a store in one province of Canada has an item half the price of a store in another, then show them proof and you’ll get the discount.
  • Watch for Holidays: The best GAP promotions usually occur during big shopping holidays, but it’s not all about Black Friday as you might expect (although this is still the best day for GAP Canada sales). Some other big GAP sales occur during big US holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day, with the savings spilling over into Canadian stores.
  • Go Online: You can not stack GAP coupons in store but you can online. This means that online GAP promo codes are often more valuable than paper coupons.
  • Never Pay Full Price: GAP are one of those retailers that loves coupons, promo codes, sales and deep discounts. There are so many easy ways to save money that you should never pay full price. Seriously. If you do then you’ve been robbed!
  • 0.97 is the Magic Number: If you see a clearance item that has been marked down to a price ending in .97 then it means it has been “killed”, a term that employees use to describe items they couldn’t sell that have been drastically reduced. You can make huge savings on these as it’s not unheard of for clothes with an RRP of $50+ to be “killed” to $4.97.

GAP Canada Outlets

GAP Promo Codes

Another great way to save at GAP Canada is to shop at their outlet/factory stores. Here you will find huge discounts across the range. The GAP coupons and promo codes won’t work, but in most cases you don’t need them anyway as the savings are huge.

If you have an outlet store near you then it’s definitely worth dropping by. It’s also worth noting that outlet stores change every day depending on what stock they have. This is less true of GAP Canada as they tend to focus more on overstocked good and last season’s goods as opposed to returns, but they still change on a weekly basis.