Easter Deals and Coupons: Save Up to 50% on Top Items in 2018

Easter Coupons

Easter isn’t the biggest holiday when it comes to deals and coupons, but there are still big savings to be made if you know where to look. If you like to throw a big Easter party, you want to get your kids something special or you’re just looking for a bargain, checkout these Easter deals and coupons for Canadian customers.

The Best Retailer for Easter Deals in Canada

Amazon.ca are by far one of the best retailers when it comes to Easter deals. For the Easter week they have a number of great coupons and promo codes available. Some of these are available directly on the Amaon.ca website, others are only given out to select affiliates and customers.

To find the very best Easter deals on Amazon Canada, check in with our Amazon Canada Promo Codes and Coupons page. On average you can expect savings of 20%, but they do go much higher than this.

The Best Things to Buy During Easter Sales

Easter Deals

If technology is the best thing to buy during Black Friday and alcohol is at its cheapest during the Christmas season, where does that leave Easter? Well, you won’t find many big savings on things such as clothing, electronics and gifts, but you will find a host of other Easter deals on food.

Easter is a food holiday after all (then again, isn’t everything?). It’s a time when we overindulge in chocolate and seasonal favourites, a time when everything sweet and indulgent takes centre stage. There are also a number of sweets released only for the Easter season and because they have such a short timeframe in which to sell these, the retailers are usually quick to offer deals on them.

Best way to Save on Easter

Easter is one of those holidays where you need to buy every selectively during it and then indulge like crazy after it. There are some great deals to be found during Easter as we mentioned above, but when it comes to chocolate eggs in particular, the days after Easter are always best.

This is when the retailers look to get rid of all of their stock, because they don’t want to be listing Easter eggs for sale by the time May rolls around. They have very limited shelf space and they pay a premium for it, so they will sell those Easter eggs at a massive discount in order to clear that space.

The longer you leave it, the lower the prices will be, but be warned that they will start reducing prices to just a few cents a week after Easter and will then get rid of them if they still don’t sell. So don’t leave it too late and keep a keen eye on the clearance sections of your local grocery store.

It’s not just Easter eggs that sell cheap during this time. Pretty much any chocolate and candy that is emblazoned with a bunny/Easter theme is surplus to requirements after Easter and will be sold cheaply. This is the best time of the year for chocolate loving adults who don’t buy into the whole Easter celebrations.