Save 40% and 50% at The Body Shop Canada (2018 Coupons and Codes)

The Body Shop Coupons

There is always some kind of deal to get excited about with this brand and there are usually plenty of The Body Shop Canada promo codes and coupons to make those deals even better. You can see the very best of The Body Shop coupons by clicking the hyperlink, and you can learn more about these codes by reading below.

The Body Shop Canada Coupons

Most Body Shop Canada coupons are category specific, relating only to things like spa items, men’s grooming products or haircare. They tend to offer these when they are overstocked in those specific areas or when they have new products that aren’t selling as well as they would like.

They also have free shipping deals online and they are more than happy to give away free samples with every order if you ask.

Be sure to visit our page on The Body Shop Canada coupons (linked above) to get the latest up-to-the-minute deals and coupons from Canadian stores and their online store.

The Body Shop Canada Promo Codes

The Body Shop is one of the most beloved bath and beauty brands in the world, selling a host of products for men and women that will keep you looking young and beautiful for longer. One of the key selling points of The Body Shop Canada is that they don’t test on animals and are also committed to making products and packaging that is environmentally friendly. In a world that is increasingly becoming more aware, that’s essential, and The Body Shop have been doing it for years.

Promo codes for online use are as common with this retailer as coupons and unlike the vast number of coupons available from their competitors, most of these actually work. The coupons and promo codes tend to last a lot longer and they are also far more generous.

Where to Find the Best Body Shop Canada Deals

The Body Shop Codes

Outlet stores are a great place to stock-up on big deals and to use your The Body Shop coupons. In some cases you won’t actually be able to add coupons to preexisting deals, but there are exceptions and if you’re lucky enough to find one then you could be in for some huge savings.

Most outlet The Body Shop stores have an up to 50% off deal where you can save between 30% and 50% depending on how many items you order and how much you spend. It’s worth noting, however, that the gift sets they sell in their outlet stores do not qualify as part of this deal as they are already heavily discounted.

The Best Time for The Body Shop Canada Deals

Black Friday isn’t a huge time for this retailer when it comes to coupons and promo codes. For whatever reason, they just don’t throw themselves into this holiday with as much enthusiasm as some of their competitors. However, they more than make up for it with the January Sales and you can also make some huge savings as they look to switch out their stock, something they tend to do with each passing season.

We find that the best time to get great The Body Shop Canada coupons and deals is just when summer is coming to an end and throughout the months of January and February. These are slow times for the brand and times when they are going through big seasonal changes, so there are usually ways you can take advantage.