Back to School Coupons, Codes and Deals in Canada (2018 DEALS)

Back to School Deals

The day that kids go back to school is a momentous day for parents across Canada. The holidays are over, it’s time to put your feet up again and thanks to these back to school coupons and promo codes, you can also save big on school essentials.

All of this information on back to school savings and coupons is valid for Canadian customers in retailers nationwide.

Back to School Coupons in Canada

Hundreds of retailers jump on the back to school bandwagon and offer all kinds of deals to entice parents into their stores. The problem is, not all of these are worth the paper they are written on and many are limited to small items, small purchases or even to free shipping and handling.

Some of the best ones can be found at major retailers, including Walmart (see our Walmart Canada Coupons page). They have everything your little ones need for their educational endeavours, including textbooks, stationery and backpacks. also have a few back to school coupons and deals, but these are much more limited in scope and usefulness, with the best ones usually found on the Amazon Marketplace. The same goes for FootLocker, because while their deals are not site-wide, the ones they do have are very promising.

Back to School Savings Advice

If you’re struggling to pay the often-inflated prices charged for back to school basics, then these tips might be able to help. When used in combination with back to school coupons and promo codes they can take a lot of the financial burden away from you:

  • Reuse What You Can: You don’t need to buy new every year. There will be things you can reuse from last year and if you have more than one child then there will be things that can be passed down.
  • Buy in Bulk: If you purchase basics like pencils, pens and notebooks in bulk using coupons then you can spread these out over several years, potentially saving hundreds of dollars over the course of your child’s schooling.
  • Check End Caps all Year Long: Clearance sections can be found at the end caps of stores like Walmart and they often contain stationery. If you shop all year-long and buy whatever stationery they have available, you will have all you need when back to school season starts and you won’t have spent much getting it.
  • Buy Quality: By all means take a look at what dollar stores have to offer, but never sacrifice on quality when it comes to kids. They tend to take less care and put equipment through the mill more than adults do. If it’s cheap, it won’t last and you’ll end up buying more. It’s cheaper (and much more convenient) to buy the best quality item once than to buy the cheapest item several times. It’s all about finding the right balance between cost and quality as the law of diminishing returns kicks in early with stationery.
  • Buy in Groups: Every other parent is in the same situation that you’re in. They all need to buy back to school supplies and they are all looking to save. So put your heads together and buy in bulk. That way you can take advantage of wholesale prices before splitting up the goods.